Lidl to phase out sugar and fatty food marketing to children in supermarkets

Supermarket chain Lidl looks to expand its product range in order to promote a more “mindful and sustainable way of living”.

“How we eat has an enormous impact on our health and the environment. That’s why Lidl has now adopted an international package of measures designed to support conscious nutrition: by developing its assortment and communication, the fresh food discounter aims to make it easier for customers to make conscious purchase decisions for healthy, sustainable products in the future,” the supermarket chain said.

By 2025, Lidl will consistently increase the proportion of plant-based sources of protein in its assortment – including by expanding its range of vegan products, such as the “Vemondo” own brand.

It will also be gradually increasing the proportion of whole grains in its own brand items. “Recent studies like the Global Nutrition Report show whole grains are the most important factor when it comes to growing old in good health.”

The supermarket chain will also be setting standards on the marketing of items for consumption by children.

From January 2023, with the exception of promotional items at Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, Lidl will gradually no longer advertise any foods to children that are high in saturated fatty acids, sugar, or salt. “In taking this action, Lidl is following the recommendation made by the World Health Organization (WHO). The discounter will also promote the marketing of a healthy and sustainable diet for children.”

Lidl Malta Ltd. started in April 2008 with three stores and has expanded its network to currently 10 outlets.

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2023-01-31 12:02:00

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